Terms of service

1. Introduction

Sehhaty is an electronic platform used to provide health related services to individuals. The platform aims to be a guide and health information reference to citizens and expatriates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And that is done through integration with other services and health systems. Herein referenced as (“Sehhaty platform”) or (“The Platform”)

By using and/or browsing the platform, the visitor or user hereby acknowledges and agrees to the terms of services and acknowledgments and the privacy policy and abides by them and to all related regulations issued by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore it is necessary to read the regulations and polices carefully before using the platform and benefiting from it. It is also recommended to obtain a printed copy of these rules to be able to revisit them in the future.

2. Definitions

"User":A user is a natural person that accesses and/or uses any of the services provided on the platform.

"Ministry": The Ministry of Health in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

"Administration": Includes the owner and operator of the Sehhaty platform which is the Ministry, or who represents it including managers and employees, as well as including – in regards to any part of it or it’s services- the contractors and/ or establishments that are partners in execution of any part or in a services or any employee.

3. User obligations

By accessing and using the platform, the user hereby acknowledges and consents to the terms of service, he also agrees to abide by the following:

  1. Not to offer false, misleading data or information which might be altered.
  2. Bear all fines imposed by the relevant entities or any entity that has legislative authority based on violating any of the subject of those regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  3. Maintain confidentiality of the data submitted to the platform and not enable it to be used by other unauthorized people.
  4. Not to upload files on the platform which contains harmful software or viruses or corrupt data.
  5. Not to enable access to any data or information through illegal means.
  6. Not use any means, program or procedure to intercept or attempt to intercept the correct operation of the platform.
  7. Not to perform any action that could potentially impose an additional or unreasonable load on the platform’s infrastructure.
  8. Not to present or upload any files that contain programs or material or data or information owned by anyone other than the user and does not own a license to use it.
  9. Not to use the platform in anyway to send messages of a commercial nature or undesired messages which might present harm to the platform or information on it.
  10. Prevent the publication, announcement, distribution of material on the platform which contains information which could harm the reputation or violate the law or contain pornographic material or material that is inappropriate or violates the teachings of Islam or the public policy of Saudi Arabia, or put the platform in a position of violating any law or regulation implemented in any field.
  11. Not to use the platform in any illegal activity or any illegal act in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

4. User obligations regarding third party information:

In the event a user enters information that is owned by a third party to the platform, than the user must obtain written consent prior to using the data owned by a third party, third party approval written consent includes consenting to:

  1. The data submitted to the platform being in accordance to these terms of service and privacy policy.
  2. Disclosure to organizing government sectors and/or the supervisor of the electronic services that the user requests.
  3. Disclosure to government and non-government sectors that are designated to receive the data and/or process the requested services or provide the service.
  4. Disclosure to the authorized sector by the designated sectors or by the administration to receive or pass data whenever the execution of the services requires viewing and storing and processing and using that data by any of those sectors.
  5. The administration using the data for research purposes and statistics and service optimization provided that the usage is condensed and collected over time while maintaining confidentiality and user identity confidential.

5. Registration

Everything the user has submitted to the platform in order to register whether private information or otherwise is the complete and accurate information, as it is prohibited by the user to register or attempt to register into the platform using another person’s name to which they have not received authorization to do so.

6. Content

The administration maintains the rights to monitor any content entered by the user, even though it is not obligated to do so, the user is still responsible for any consequences that might occur from submitting the content they have entered. And the administration reserves the right without the obligation to strike, remove, or author any material that is entered that in the view of the Administration is not relevant or by its existence violates the terms of service and the privacy policy.

7. Using third party links

  1. ‌Connection links might be provided on the E-gates and/ or any other website for the purpose of improving the user or visitor’s experience, links to this platform may also be provided on other websites. And the administration waives any responsibility as to the content, credibility or continuity or safety of those e- gates and/or other websites. And does not verify it’s content and does not bear any responsibility for any of the actions or procedures that are conducted through them.
  2. The platform is not in any way affiliated or participating in any way shape or form with the trademarks, emblems, logos, or any other medium used or appears on a website that is connected to the platform or any of it’s content.
  3. The administration reserves the right to disable, delete, or redirect any link in any way shape or form.

8. Ownership rights

All the material available on the website including data, information designs and illustrations (including photographic illustration) and software, source code ( content) is protected under the publication rights and trademark rights and all related forms of intellectual property rights.

Only the user for personal purposes and non profit purposes can benefit from the content of the platform and any information published on it provided that the user accessed that information through legitimate means.

It is important to note that the Sehhaty platform is the source of that information and content. On the other hand it is strictly prohibited to sell, license, rent, modify, copy, replicate or reprint, or download, or advertise or distribute or show in a public manner or author or produce any derived works or anything like that like pictures of any of the material or platform content for commercial purposes without obtaining the prior written consent of the administration.

9. Termination of usage:

The administration has the discretion to stop, limit or terminate a user’s right to access and use the platform for any reason including violation of the terms of service or privacy policy, or any other illegal act or harmful act to others.

10. Limitation of liability

The administration aims to investigate the accuracy and correctness and completion of the information located on the website. It also aspires to provide the services in an efficient and continuance manner. Notwithstanding that the administration bears no responsibility of not achieving the goals herein and wishes to note that the user should be aware that:

  1. The services provided on the platform and all information and material available on it or can be accessed through it are provided “as it” or “as available” without any promises or guarantees of any kind and we cannot guarantee or bear responsibility for any interruptions, mistakes, overstepping that might arise from the use of this platform or its contents whether with or without our knowledge.
  2. The Administration does not bear any responsibility for claims, losses, expenses, costs, or reimbursement of any kind even if unlimited, Regardless of the event being foreseen such losses, damages or expenses or reimbursements or legal fees related to any use of the platform and information within it and that includes but is not limited to:
    1. Any underperformance, mistake, short comings, interruptions or fault or delay in operation or transmission whether by faulty communication or error in accessing the internet or machine failure or software problems or any technical errors.
    2. The existence of viruses or harmful programs or a system failure or error.
    3. Any hack that targets the system or data within it or usage or any scam or any unauthorized access to the password used by another user.
    4. Inability to receive any emails the platform receives regarding any technical issues.
    5. If the administration terminates, suspends, limits a user’s right to access the platform and uses it (As per clause 9 )
  3. All the electronic services that the platform provides regarding government or non government sectors is offered to streamline procedures and thus the administration is not in any way shape or form responsible for any of the effects those decisions produce whether approval, rejection, refusal to receive any request or solve it or delay it, including cancelation of the service altogether or suspending it, regardless of it violating any statement or announcement made by the administration inside or out of the platform.
  4. The user of the platform forfeits his right to any claims or complaint against the administration or any of its departments that could arise from the use of this platform or approval of its contents.

11. Language

Arabic is the official language used on the platform both to operate and to benefit from the published material, some material might be subject to -including the rules and regulations- to translation into other languages to better understand its meanings to maximize benefit. As an additional service, notwithstanding that the Arabic text of all the martial published on the platform is the original reference. Therefore, translated versions of the material cannot be relied on to decipher any information on the platform.

12. Contact

In the event of any queries or comments on the terms of service and privacy policy, you can contact the administration.

13. Violations and disputes

  1. Use of this platform is regulated exclusively by the judicial authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (City of Riyadh) in regards to any and all claims and dispute that arise from it.
  2. ‌Arabic is the official language used to settle any and all disputes that arise from user’s use of the platform or any of its content.
  3. Delay or prohibition of filing a claim or executing the administration rights according to the terms or policies does not amount to a waiver of the right, the administration also waives any right available to it. that does not mean an automatic and permanent waiver of rights and events.

14. Updates to terms of service and policies

The Administration maintains the right to update the terms of service including the privacy policy at any time while notifying the user in this regard.